Do You Know The Benefits Of Giving Advice To Others

Professionals are paid very well for their expert advice. There is an art to giving advice. When you have mastered the art, people will listen to what you say and come back for more.

To be a good adviser it is not enough to provide information, no matter how accurate. You must be able to form relationships with others that can help them find the best solutions to their specific problems. For example, a good parent knows what his/her children should do and must be able to talk to them in a way that shows you understands their concerns.

There is certain ways how to give good advice. You have to understand the other person’s particular problem. Your goal is not to demonstrate your own superior wisdom, but to help someone else solve the problem. To do that, always listen closely to what the other person says. Try to discover how he got into the current situation. Find out what problem he wants you to help solve.

If you want to help another person open up to you, try to break the ice by starting off with something relevant about yourself. Encourage that person to discuss the problem in their own way but don’t interrupt, don’t anticipate and never suggest a solution before you understand the problem.

You must keep in mind that you have to understand your precise role. Before you start giving advice, make sure the other person really wants it. They may just be looking for a sympathetic listener. If the other person wants your advice, determine whether you are qualified to give it.

Try to idenfify and evaluate the options and explain to them as clearly as possible. Dont try to be a solo performer and dont always apply your favorite solution to a particular problem. You may know more about the technical details of the problems other people face but they know better than you how well any proposed solution will fit them.

When you come to a solution, let the other person make the decision. After you give your best advice to the person who consulted you, remember that them, not you will have to live with the consequences. That does mean you wash your hands of any responsiblity. In most cases, you should leave the decision entirely up to the person who asked your advice. But it is appropriate for you to intervene in the decision if he asks what you would do. When you have given the advice the other person needs to solve the problem, step aside. What you should always remember is when people ask for your advice, you are somewhat special to them and they are paying you a compliment for a good answer.

Using Social Media To Explode Your Personal Training And Fitness Marketing Businesses

It really breaks down the truth behind all the parties that you as a fitness marketer are invited to and how you use those parties to meet key people in your specific niche or any complimentary niche.

Perry Belcher is a very cool and intelligent guy who at times uses some choice words to describe social networking but his content is outstanding.

Watch this no B.S. fitness marketing technique to explode your personal training business using social media tricks.

Now that you understand social media for marketing purposes, let’s look at your action steps needed to really promote yourself and meet key people.

1) Start a Fitness Facebook Page

Facebook is a fascinating social phenomena as well as an amazing social networking tool to blow up your personal training business. Its new, it’s a novelty and reaches a targeted audience. Make your page interactive, keeping your fans and potential clients engaged and wanting more.

Set yourself up a local personal training page. Use one of your main keywords in the URL.

A picture says a thousand words so choose an image that accurately brands you.

Start searching local people who have similar interests and ask them to be friends.

Offer them free fitness advice or post fitness videos and workout tips daily on your page.

Your list of friends will grow rapidly and you can set yourself apart very quickly as an expert in your local community.

Remember…What’s in it for them? Not you. Yours will come in time. Help first, reap later.

I will now quote the bible. He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25

2) Create a Fitness Gravatar

On, users can register an account based on their email address, and upload an avatar image to be associated with the account. Gravatar plugins are available for popular blogging software, such as my WordPress blog. When the user posts a comment on such a blog that requires an e-mail address, the blogging software checks whether that e-mail address has an associated avatar at Gravatar. If so, the Gravatar is shown along with the comment.

When you leave a comment on my blog, you leave a little footprint with your name on it. This footprint can drive a boatload of people toward your site because they want to see what you are all about. I have driven TONS of traffic back to my site by commenting on other blogs. The only reason it works is because I use the NO B.S gravatar image that I have chosen to represent all that I stand for. People want to know who the heck this No B.S guy is.

I have actually converted sales from my gravatar image many times. Look at all the successful fitness professionals out there. They ALL have Gravatars and they all leave blog comments.

Remember to choose or create an image or photo that SCREAMS your core identity. This is important.

3) Create A Fitness Twitter Page

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user’s profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them (known as followers).

This is like getting 100 free leads per day. If you looked at my twitter page I have over 2,000 leads and I don’t ever do anything but send a tweet from my Blackberry between personal training sessions.

It takes 30 seconds for potentially 100’s to 1000’s of people to visit your site.

If you do just 6 twitter posts a day you can increase traffic to your website or your phone by over 100 hits.

Imagine if you locally started twittering with potential customers answering their fitness questions and inviting them to meet you for a free consult.

You have no idea how powerful this tool can be until you actually take some time and create a page.

Don’t be a lazy bones. The recession is in your head. Money is everywhere but you actually have to work for it…

4) Submit a Fitness Press Release

A news release, or press release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value. Some popular press release sites include EzineArticles, PRWeb and Isnare.

The more you get your name and your personal training business on the internet, the easier its going to be for potential clients to find you.

It is so easy to get insane public recognition when you are recognized as an expert by the local media. One simple way is to get picked up by your local news paper.

Find out who to contact for health press releases. Submit at least one per week for a few weeks via email with a friendly follow up email asking if there is anything they need help with as far as expert advice or information is concerned.

Tell them you are more than happy to contribute and are available anytime for interviews as well.

Just plant the seed.

Don’t be a pest, but be consistent. Don’t take no for an answer.

Make a list of 10 social media contacts in your city and start making regular email communication and phone calls to these organizations.

Sooner than later you WILL be a local celebrity.

The key to success is to be known, to be regarded and to be available.

If you offer these 3 components to your local social environment you will be flooded with business while others are packing up shop and changing careers.

Success takes effort!

5 Steps to Going Independent in Personal Training (Part 1)

Step 1 – Get Started

Most new trainers tend to have the perception that you need a list of impressive credentials, certifications, and years of studying before even thinking about starting their own personal training business. But, being a solo trainer is not like starting a high-level corporation. The real truth is, only need about a dozen high-paying clients – that’s a very clear and simple goal, and requires action, not planning. You have a very wide audience to find these clients and, at the same time, there is only a small number of them you actually need to reach for success. And if you nurture them and continue to have more clients flow into your pipeline periodically, you can very legitimately earn six figures without much effort – believe that!

So as a new personal trainer, forget about wasting your time in the planning phase – that you can do that later on when looking to expand your training practice, but for now, just get the darn thing started! Get focused on the goal and make the decision to take immediate action. A good first step is to get your website set up.

Step 2 – Keep Your Marketing Simple

Next, in planning your site, make sure you keep it simple. Don’t be fooled by some of the flashy sites you may see on line. Again, back to the lesson of simplicity which I have mentioned in other articles, potential clients do not demand nor do they expect a high level of flash to the site of the trainer they’re looking for. They want the information so they can make the best informed choice, and they want a trainer that’s going to benefit them. So you need both on your site – info, benefits, and the last part is testimonials. Remember all three, and just keep a level of polish and attractiveness to the site, and that’s all you need.

Step 3 – Just do it

Some new trainers I’ve met deserve a lot of credit – they’re highly tenacious in getting their website done – If you put your mind to it, you can get one looking spectacular in very little time and technical know how. You can get video testimonials on there, lots of key info, and a very attractive look. The next step, if you’re currently working for someone else is to dump the gym and just do it. You’ll be surprised by how quickly some determined trainers make the jump – but these are the ones that end up being successful in personal training. When one particular friend of mine told me he officially dumped the gym and went solo, it was kind of shocking at how abruptly he did it, but once you get this idea and belief in your head, it’s hard to turn back. This person hardly had any private clients on tap, and tons of bills to cover, but he didn’t wait for the right time – he just did it!

How to Create A Professional Curriculum Vitae in 2 Minutes??

Having a concise, up-to-date CV It is important to remember that a CV for arts opportunities is usually very different from a CV used for applying for job . If your CV is always up-to-date then you can quite easily fill in those online applications because you have got all that information to hand an Although presentation is important for either, an art CV has different requirements. Many artists send the wrong type of CV for the opportunity they are applying for, which can be detrimental to their chances of being selected. This document is only concerned with arts- and crafts-opportunity related CVs.

The difficulty in writing a good CV stems from the fact tha there are no hard and fast rules – each opportunity calls for different element to be highlighted more strongly in your CV, and different elements to be left out or toned down. Your CV is like a calling card – how it is laid out, organised and what it contains may be the only information the people you are sending it to will have about you.

Do u want your CV – or curriculum vitae – all the more important when attempting to stand out from the crowd????? Dont worry because Experts say there are some golden rules for getting a CV correct, not least accuracy, spelling and grammar…….. It is important that applicants put modesty aside and show self-confidence in their CV. CV will showcaseyour ‘Confident ‘ If you are not confident about your skills and abilities then why should an employer have faith in you,?????? Create your CV an it will always be useful to you.

CVs are the window of your future . and one of the primary means of submitting an application to an employer. You can also apply for placements. you can often your first chance to make a good impression. A focused, well presented CV will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to find out more about you. A poor CV could mean no interview and no further chance for you to impress anyone. Your CV should be a self marketing and one of the major problem is what should i include in my CV? And how should i present my CV in an effective manner? An finally we have the wonderful solution here we are giving you a great site an it will help u to create your simple as well as professional CVs…. And CVs are the best way to open your world .

The profile is the hardest part of your CV to write, and, since it draws on your very best evidence, you probably can’t compose it until the rest of your CV116 has taken shape.

BPO cover letters: Understanding the jobs and the profiles

Why write BPO cover letters for introducing resumes?

What BPO is all about?

BPO is a common trend to globalization. Similarly, BPO cover letters too have become common to all BPO related job applications. Jobs in BPO, which were once available at ease, have now become as competitive as any other job. BPO, a widely used acronym for ‘Business Process Outsourcing’, was once the most favored word by graduates and school students. However, lately it has gradually lost its charm, not due to lack of jobs, but because of intense competition. Every youth, in an attempt to make quick money, is attracted to the lucrative opportunities thrown open by BPO firms. With the option to work part time, and on weekends, BPO jobs provide enough opportunities for youngsters to earn their pocket money.

Why do we need the BPO cover letter?

This was mostly true when the idea was in its naïve stages, and demand was much high. The situation has changed in recent years due to increased BPO firms, whether domestic or international. Even the awareness among youths has increased tremendously. Now youth knows about the BPO jobs, and their benefits. This has led to supply demand rules being effective at their potential. Rise in the availability of skilled workforce, has made even the competitors become more selective, and implement stringent hiring procedures.

How we can make executive resume effective?

Executive Resume should be written in such a concise and a lucid manner that it not only justifies one’s qualification but also highlights the happenings in one’s career and the actions one took to make those things happen.

An Executive Resume is a letter document through which the employer could evaluate one’s qualification against current openings. Executive Resume is a marketing document which clearly differentiates an individual from among hundreds of other executive resumes.

Seventy percent of success in the job search is based on how effective the executive resume is. Let us discuss some of the tips which would give the ideas as to how we can make our executive resume effective:

One should write a resume by creating a database of information about oneself and one should mention the correct information in one’s resume without any low feeling
Exaggerations about the past experiences and achievements should be avoided in the executive resume as it creates a bad impression.
Contents in one’s executive resume should exactly match and fit the skills and educational qualifications requisites for the given post.
Executive Resume should be written in such a manner that it should draw the reader’s attention in less than 20 seconds.
Thus the above steps help us in how we can make our executive resume effective.

We will give a format of the sample executive resume:

Sample Executive Resume includes the objectives, qualifications, professional experience and lastly achievements in a chronological order.

This gives an idea as to how we can make our executive resume effective.

In today’s fast growing world legal services have become most important. Due to globalization the demand for the legal services has increased. So a well designed Legal Resume is a need of an hour. Legal Resume Writing Service guides and writes Legal Resume for solo practioners, partner’s associates and lawyers.

Technical Resume is written when it is necessary to mention technicalskills. For example technical resume is needed for a person who is applying for the post of a software engineer in a Software Company.

Thus we now know that how we can make our executive resume effective. This is applicable to each and every resume as a good resume always fetches a good job. Tips for writing legal and technical resume as same as the tips for wiring executive resume.

Linux System Administration: A Journey from Beginner to Advanced Professional

Have you decided to become a Linux professional and pursue your dream of taking up job in system administration? In the present scenario of IT world, Linux is endorsed by most of the enterprise. Linux being a free and open source can be easily accessed by anyone without the need of any license or permission unlike the other operating systems. And this has resulted in the heavy demand of Linux professionals with proper Red Hat Certification.

How to Start Up?

A Linux professional with authenticLinux certification is highly paid and amongst all, certified Linux system administrator job is the most rewarding. Everything seems lucrative but definitely is not easy .To become a system admin is always challenging but that cannot withheld you to pursue your dream. Whatever be your current status in the Linux world – a beginner or a career to the advanced level, the following guidelines of resources can fulfill your cherished ambition.

Linux Courses
Enrolling for Linux admin training is the best way to start with. You will be trained to work in real life situation and take up the technical exams with confidence to get Linux Certification. This certification will ensure your knowledge about Linux and turn you into a Linux professional. Even if you are a technical person with experience, taking up the training and then the exam will help technical persons to certify their skills and thus escalate and boost the career in Linux system administration. The courses are of various level from basic to advance. You can take up any Linux admin training based on your need and job pattern.

Linux Books
To guide you through the journey of Linux system administration the books based on Linux can be a real help .To enhance your learning process in Linux these books are really handy as they give you detailed knowledge of Linux both in admin or expert level. These books act as a strong foundation for your Linux skills. Few such e-books which are also free for you as newbies or as System Administrators are

A Newbie’s Getting Started Guide to Linux
Introduction to Linux –A Hands on Guide
Linux Administration: A Beginner’s Guide
User Mode Linux
Managing Linux Systems with Web min
Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook
All these books act as guide to the fundamentals of Linux for the beginners and also as hand books for the senior administrators.

Evolution of System Administration from Base to Advance

Step 1: Linux Beginner- skills to install Linux
Step 2: Enthusiastic Admin- Test virtualization
Step 3: Novice System Administrator- create user
Step 4: Junior System Administrator- System Configuration management
Step 5: Advanced System Administrators- Write Scripts in Python and others
Step 6: Senior System Administrator-Solving problems and automate process.
You can find many who can talk around Linux but given a chance fail to work in real live situation. So the IT industry is really facing crisis while hiring system administrators. This is where the need for Red Hat Certification comes and those who have completed it successfully, never need to look behind in terms of work scopes.

Solo Professionals Have Only An Hour A Day For Marketing

There are the significant upsides to being a solo professional. There are also some challenges. The biggest challenge is how to manage the business side of your business while still having enough time to practice your trade.

You went out on your own because you’re good at what you do. You’re a great accountant, or writer, or coach. What you want to do is to practice your trade, not be a marketer or a financial person or an office manager (unless one of those things is your trade).

To succeed as a solo professional, you’ve got to earn enough to live. That requires a certain amount of hours of work each week. You also need enough time to sleep and have a little bit of a life. That takes even more hours. The business side of your business – the finances, the marketing and everything else – has to fit within the hours that remain.

I can’t help you streamline your financial tasks, and I don’t know what your “everything else” is. But I can help you streamline your marketing. I happen to know your marketing needs to fit into about an hour a day.

Why an hour? Let’s walk that through.

Why Your Marketing Has To Fit into An Hour a Day or Less

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s be kind and give you three weeks off each year. That gives you two weeks of vacation, plus a week’s worth of downtime to be sick, or to move, or to go to a few work conferences.

As you know, there are 52 weeks in the year. You’re getting three off, so that leaves 49 weeks.

According to, most solo professionals log about 1,680 billable hours per year.

1680 hours divided by 49 weeks = 34.3 hours a week.

We’ll round down to 34 hours. So you need 34 hours a week to earn your income – to actually do your work.

According to the Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index, the average small business owner works 52 hours per week. We’ll assume you’re an average business owner. After you’ve completed your 34 hours of actual work each week, you’ve got 18 hours left for everything else. That “everything else” is the business part of your business.

Let’s split this remaining 18 hours of managing your business into thirds.

– One third for financial matters.
– One third for marketing.
– One third for everything else, including client management.

You’ve got 6 hours a week to manage each of those areas.

According to that same Fargo/Gallup Small Business report, most small business owners work six days a week. That’s why you’ve got one hour a day for marketing.

What to do with the one hour you have to market your professional services

I could write an entire ebook about how to best use your one hour a day. But it might take you an hour to read, which you probably don’t have time for right now. So here’s just an outline of what one hour a day over the course of a month (24 hours) might look like.

Here’s approximately what you can get done:

– One blog post a month. 2 hours to write, 1 hour to set up, 1 hour to promote. 4 hours a month.
– Participate in professional online communities/forums (either on LinkedIn or elsewhere). 4 hours a month. 8 hours total.
– Send an email every two weeks. 4 hours a month. 12 hours total.
– Comment on blogs. 4 hours a month. 16 hours total. A total of about 12 detailed comments if you can write one every 20 minutes.
– Manage professional listings (phonebook, online directories, Chamber of Commerce, maybe organizations you belong to). 2 hours a month. 18 hours total.
– Manage social media updates and accounts. 6 hours a month. 24 hours total.

Other things you could do:

– Guest post. About 6 hours per guest post including pitching, writing the post and then promoting it.
– Public speaking. At least 8 hours or more.
– Paid advertising. 2-6 hours.
– Direct mail campaigns (like a bulky mailer). 6-18 hours depending on if you find the correct contacts and addresses, or if you hire an assistant to do it.
– Webinars. 6-24 hours.
– Conferences. Several days.
– Networking groups (though I have yet to ever get good work from a networking group). 2-8 hours per week.
– Send cold emails to pitch new clients. About 30 minutes to one hour per email.
– Write a Kindle book. At least 24 hours, even for a 30-40 page Kindle book.

BelleBethCooperWhy email marketing deserves to make your minimalist marketing list

While it is only one component of all your marketing, email pulls a lot of marketing threads together. Once you’ve got your opt-in forms set up and a template for your emails created, it takes surprisingly little time to get a message out.

Many professionals worry about what to say in their emails. You can always just include your latest blog post, but if you haven’t written a blog post you can still find excellent content. Just tell your subscribers what you’ve been working on.

Even if you’re under contract to not reveal who or what you’re working on, the odds are good you’re learning new skills or honing old ones. Write a few paragraphs about that. Email messages don’t need to be long. A 300-word update of what’s going on in your work life is perfectly good content for an email.

An email from writer Belle Beth Cooper is just above this paragraph. The email is basically just a roster of posts Belle wrote over the last week. It couldn’t be simpler. And yet this is one of the few emails I open every time it’s sent.

Email list building in one hour a day

If you can give me one hour a day for a month, I can get your list building underway. Get my 30 Day List Building Plan for Solo Professionals.

List Building Plan for Professional Services FirmsClick on the image to the left to download your 30 Day List Building Plan for Professional Services Firms & Solo Pros.